We offer you the opportunity to experience the best fresh fish during your stay. On our vessel “Greenback” we catch a variety of species including – Kingfish, Trevally, Wahoo, Tuna, Blue Eye & Hapuku.

All fish are “line caught” & processed using “best fish handling practises.”

Our extensive fish handling knowledge & experience ensures that our fish is fresh, retains its best flavour & will meet all of your expectations.

“We practise sustainable fishing methods & treat all fish captured with respect.”

  • We deliver fresh fish, filleted, skinned & boneless ready to cook.
  • We recommend cooking our beautiful fish simply, hot & fast on a BBQ or in a pan, but not for long!
  • We provide Fresh Local Fish, Seafood when available, Salads & Condiments.
  • We ensure your meal is convenient & hassle free.
  • We have many years experience in the fishing industry both here & on the mainland.
  • We look forward to providing you with a memorable dining experience using one of Lord Howe’s greatest assets

“The best fish in the world”


Fresh Local Greenback line caught fish of the day is filleted, skinned with bones removed. Ready to cook!

*Fish packs are available at the boat shed for pick up at $35/kg
*Packs from 400gms