I want to compliment you on the very professional manner in which you operate your charter business.

I have been a professional fisherman. I have retained my Certificate of Competency (Coxswain). I remain a boat owner and a keen amateur fisherman. As such, I have very high expectations of a fishing charter operator, and my general experience in the past has been one of disappointment.

I particularly compliment you on a number of practices that in my experience many other operators could well take note of: –

Your fishing gear was practical, uncomplicated and well maintained.
At the outset you informed us of your intentions relative to sea / wind / current / etc conditions.
You described the various marine and bird life encountered.
You demonstrated your commitment to humane technique and conservation. Your technique of handling fish and your explanation of resultant “increased shelf life” relative to a reduced need for “quantity” of fish is to be applauded.
Your boat is a credit to you. Safe, stable, clean and dry. And it fishes well. I will certainly recommend you to others. Thank you for your hospitality.

Yours sincerely
Brian Koorey

Approaching 50, and having been a keen sports fisherman since my early teenage years I thought to send this brief note in genuine appreciation of the experiences we enjoyed last week.

Lord Howe Island is truly a remarkable place; the fishing prospects are also at that remarkable standard.

Dave Gardiner of Greenback Fishing Charters supplied the necessary guidance, a comfortable purpose built fishing boat and clearly the best hard core sports fishing one could ever experience. I will always savoir and never forget catching brute yellowtail kingfish to the point of exhaustion.”

Thanks Dave, looks forward to the next trip…..

Mark Lycos
Ocean Shores NSW.

An experience of a life time is the best description of a deep sea fishing trip with Greenback Fishing and Scenic Charters.

Dave Gardiner has a great knowledge of fishing and respect for conservation of the fish stocks.

After satisfying the wishes of those on board the rest of the fish caught on our trip were returned unharmed to the sea.

Dave has a new, well equipped and comfortable vessel that made our day all the more enjoyable.

He will take you to where the fish are and assist you in making the day an unforgettable adventure.

Ken Frye, Cremorne, NSW